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  Fellow friends, we have now visited the Song street east side entrance. This hundred meter imitation Song ancient streets, have the strong Song Dynasty Chiangnan construction style. Both sides the street the shop stands in great numbers, the lively like dream, the wineshop banner herdsman wind, the ancient rhyme still saves. The nerve Song street has size shop several dozens inside and outside, the main sale wins praise Wu Yiyan the tea, the snake product, the traveling handicraft. In addition, but also has wineshop, tea view, the visitor along with arrives along with drinks, is extremely convenient. On the ancient Fujian more culture Song street is unfolding she that enchanting elegant demeanour, causes her to become to the Chinese and foreign tourists demonstrates our country outstanding traditional culture and the artistic corridor.

  Fellow friends, now we arrive are located the Song street entrance the Mount Wuyi historical relics exhibition hall. Here exhibits displays the Mount Wuyi city museum partial collections cultural relic. Mainly has the Mount Wuyi all previous dynasties celebrity cast and vividly introduced how the Mount Wuyi ancients do govern, open the military material object, the model and the picture and so on. Now everybody saw this material object was in September, 1973 takes from the Mount Wuyi Goddess of Mercy grotto in the Mount Wuyi first ship coffin. This model is the ancient Seoul ruins model.

  After the carbon 14 determinations, the Mount Wuyi first ship coffin is apart from now to have more than 3,800 years, quite Yu Xiadai later period. Mount Wuyi gully ship coffin remaining, for studies the Fujian provincial bank Qin history and discusses the ancient Vietnamese race culture, has provided the extremely precious historical material. The city village ancient Seoul ruins, are located the Mount Wuyi city to be popular Tian Zhencheng southwest the village village a kilometer place, country key cultural relic preservation organ. City village ancient Seoul loses is located on the fluctuation knoll mountainous region, the city site assumes the rectangle. North and south length 860 meters, thing width 550 meters, total area 480,000 square meters. The Chongyang brook surrounds the city the east, west, north three. Is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, fine scenery. The city wall along the construction, the remnant height 4-8 meter, the thing city wall altogether retains three openings channels, for same year city gate. Outside the city digs has protects the moat. After excavates, in the city distributes the palace, Lou Que, the barracks housing, is governing ruins and so on iron, system ceramic and grave are many place. Constructs, the bilateral symmetry facing south, the layout is rigorous, with at that time plain area urban setting entirely different, is the “ type which Chiangnan establishes a new school constructs”. The old city drainage system, the use natural hillside and the run-off ditch complete, the implementation rain water, the sewage divergence, the plan extremely reasonable nature, makes one express admiration. Is city village Seoul, actually the Fujian Wang Yushan temporary palace, after or Martial emperor of Han dynasty stills a military castle which Fujian more sets up, how does it start the decline, but also waits for the textual research.

  Step leaves the cultural relic exhibition hall, along Song Jie vanguard, front this antique construction is the Taoist trinity palace. The Taoist trinity palace is the our country Taoism Daoist temple main palace, consecrates the “Yu Qing , on the clear spirit valuable day reveres, the Tai Qing morals day reveres”. When the Ming Dynasty anti- dwarf's great soldier Qi Jiguang Yu Longqing first year (in 1567) the winter responding to a call went north, once on the wall inscribed a poem in the palace: A “sword star is cold, duplicate drafts the barbarian along with the even capture. His year seeks seals period of five days India, is willing to trade this mountain to the king. ”

  Everybody please looked that, in front of the Taoist trinity palace has group of steles, highest this is Liu male . It links the base height 3.7 meters, the width 1.45 meters, originally stands to five husbands towns Liu Ziyu on the path leading to a tomb, in May, 1981 moved as for the Taoist trinity palace in collects. In, 1985 is October listed as the provincial level key cultural relic preservation organ. Liu male Song Dynasty profound scholar Liu Ziyu family background and life story. Liu Ziyu, Chong An five madames, discuss doctor the official to the right dynasty, in Jiangsu Zhenjiang no matter what on time, because enrages the Qin Chinese juniper, the duty to live at home. He is the Zhu Xi father of Zhu Song's good friend. Zhu Song dies, the Zhu Xi year only 14 winds, obey the father will, presents the female whole family to go to Liu Ziyu. Liu Ziyu waits on for the sub- nephew, the careful instruction, finally causes Zhu Xi to become a generation of profound scholar. In order to repay Liu Ziyu to nurture graciousness, Zhu Xi with tears in one's eyes wrote Wen Bing to write this , altogether has 3,725 characters the inscribed texts. on : “Song Guyou the dynasty discusses Doctor sufficient micro You Gedai the system to present as a gift few Fu Liu male ”, is the Southern Song Dynasty board of personnel Shangshu open the type book. left side this stone tablet, is Ming Dynasty during ten thousand all previous years successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations Gong clear 140 characters “You Wuyi Records” the seven-character poem. The right side stele was which the Qing Dynasty during year Chong'an County county magistrate Liu Jingti wrote “dwelling place of Buddhist immortals ” and in 1962 modern literary giant Guo Moruo inspects when Mount Wuyi expresses in writing “nine tunes pure running water to circle Wu Yi, from Zhu Xi blue lives Gu the Xiang fresh diameter, Fang Zhuman shan Lvman the brook. 6,633 doubts a language, the cliff gully competes the immortal posture. The surging waves light raft wine vessel feathers, cannot inscribe a poem also can write.” “You Wuyi Goes boating Nine Tunes” the stone tablet. In October, 1985 the department concerned also set up “after the Taoist trinity palace center hall Chinese and American Mount Wuyi Orchid Pavilion institute” (to change the Mount Wuyi international Orchid Pavilion institute), recruited has come from the world each place several hundred students. In them has professor, constructs the scientist, = the movie directs, reporter, the psychologist and so on, on the one hand goes sightseeing in Mount Wuyi on the other hand the tour to study the Chinese nation traditional culture, deeply foreign student's welcome.

  Leaves the Taoist trinity palace, leads the way hundred meters, front this pure white like jade Xu Xiake cast, was in 1996 the Mount Wuyi city for commemorates the Ming Dynasty renowned traveller Xu Xiake to enter Fujian to inspect for the first time the Mount Wuyi 380th anniversary to construct. In 1616, just crossed Xu Xiake, the head wore the mother personally to sew wanders the crown west, (presently for Jiangyin) embarks from the hometown Jiangsu's Jiangyin County, puts on Zhejiang, crosses the river, trod for the first time entered Fujian the difficult path, carried on to Mount Wuyi for three day-long inspections. On center this short three day time in, he nearly trod Mount Wuyi's mountain and river, wrote down the immortal masterpiece “To tour the Mount Wuyi Diary”, precisely has recorded the Wu Yi 36 peaks, 99 crags arrangements and nine origins flowed to, have recorded the peaks and ridges and the cavern brook deep pool position, splendidly described the god hall beautiful Mount Wuyi water.

  Behind Xu Xiake cast this mountain peak is greatly Wang Feng. Now we enter Shan Chu“along” Xu Xiake the memorial arch to start upwardly to climb. Greatly Wang Feng, also names the Tienchu peak, the crag, because of the hill shape like government official , the alone king dignified acquires fame. In the military 36 peaks, to has “name of the immortal gully king”. The Wang Feng elevation 526.8 meters, four sides are greatly steep, climb difficultly, is Mount Wuyi one of three big dangers diameters. When same year Xu Xiake ascended greatly Wang Feng, the date west has been thin, descends a mountain seeks the road not to have, competed “to the hand to hang the thorn, randomly attached but under”, nearly the green hill buried the loyal bone. Now ascends the peak the path after the renovation, already was is shocking but not dangerous.

  Fellow friends, now we locate the position also has a half distance to the peak, asks everybody to continue to try hard. Front this megalith is “ crag”, hands down is the Han Dynasty open place. Ascends a ladder again from here, excessively small Shimen, everybody saw this orifice width seven feet, the deep three foot basin, named “day pond”, the pond for clear steeps, although is dry does not use up. In the pond is “cold blue spring”, the pond side for Song feather indanthrene Wen Neng building a simple hut place. From on a here ladder, everybody may see again to a flat land, on the flat land has rises really to observe the ruins. Is left from view on, everybody sees this flat land, then is “passes Tientai”. Again upward ascends dozens of steps, then arrived the big king peak. The peak has a bottle, a width approximately more than meter, gets down peeps swarthily, throws by the stone, the sound ardently like thunder, the moment side rest. Hands down this is Song Dynasty repeatedly sending an envoy delivers “Jinlong jade tube” the place, therefore “throws natural tunnel”. Peak towering, accumulates the leaf, extremely is everywhere even spaciously. From peak bird's eye view group peak blue water, picturesque landscape, completely relaxed.

  Asks everybody to look along my finger direction that, horizontal leans north greatly Wang Feng, its foothill is connected, high is inferior to greatly Wang Feng's this mountain peak is the curtain pavilion peak. Ascends the hat pavilion peak the path to have two, one is rises nearby the real hole by greatly Wang Feng to come up, one is by trades right flank the bone crag on to be straight. The curtain pavilion peak, the topography is smooth, some piece of megalith, as if the fragrant tripod with two handles, is called “feast immortal world”. According to Song Zhumu “Mount Wuyi Records” carries: The Chin Shihhuang two years on August 15, Mr. Wu Yi and the emperor too grandmother on mother's side, the Wei prince raises high and so on the ancient person, in curtain pavilion peak Zhang Manwei the pavilion, ties the color for room several hundred between, the big feast countryman, responding to a call comes the male and female more than 2,000 people follow Hongqiao one after another on, to the peak, the curtain pavilion, the color room has spread the red cloud, the purple light mattress, the golden space is being dense; The music sounds together, singing sound resonant, food entire is inhuman at the session possesses. Song Shi Peng Lingzhao loudly sings “the World To be possible Tune of the Sorrowful”. As soon as stops along with the singing sound, airborne indistinctly transmits the jade pendant carriages and horses sound. Immortal has vanished, the countryman descends a mountain along with it. Suddenly between the storm is lucky the bridge, a peak immediately bareness thing, only remains the Dan cliff green jade wall as before. “name of the curtain pavilion” namely from this comes. Engraves in curtain pavilion peak Le Bi “the curtain pavilion” two characters, big four abbots, for Ming Wu Sixue book. Underneath the carved stone has a megalith, is quite the same as upright, , roughly may sit dozens of people, is named “checkerboard stone”. Handed down same year Martial emperor of Han dynasty to dispatch the messenger to come Mount Wuyi, was offers sacrifice to Mr. Wu Yi in here with the dried fish, therefore called the “Chinese offered sacrifice to world”.

  Northern side the curtain pavilion peak this mountain peak trades the bone crag. Hands down outside the side the gentleman to obtain enlightenment leaves one's body behind with one's soul becoming an immortal, all must trade bone “in this”, the side can the emergence become an immortal, acquiring fame of the crag, from this. Trades on the bone crag to have two grottos, is called the spirit cloud hole, is called the cloud empty hole. On the spirit cloud hole minute, the next two holes, on the hole in the south wall, gets down the hole in the Dong Bi, about circles, mutually links up, just like tall building in tune threshold. On the hole center, has the spring seven orifices, four o'clock do not use up, named Big Dipper spring. The fable drinks the mouth Big Dipper spring the water, can disappear the disaster to eliminate sickness. Cloud empty hole in crag northern wall. In hole Fang Guangshu ten feet, but natrium hundred people. In the hole has young Lou two , the tile, the wind and rain does not invade, is named the “female celestial to comb building”. Hands down this is the place which the Mount Wuyi hole, the village, the leaf three female celestial cultivates true virtue.

  Trades northern side the bone crag to have stone three to set up Yu Yandian, namely the people said three paternal aunts stones. Three paternal aunts are refer to Mr. “ Kong, too micro Mr. Zhuang Wu, too wonderful leaf female immortal”. Hands down Song to govern the ordinary year (1064-1067 year), the Chong An great drought, the field earth chap, the cereal crop seedling dry is burnt. One day, the farmer river is small three trades under the bone crag to fill the field, suddenly sees three appearance the female walks along the mountain path. They see the river young three and so on the farmer fill the field laboriously, then incurs the river to be small three goes forward, to give then flutters after the small bottle gourd and the secret however goes. The river small three like law execution, the dark cloud is in a little while densely covered, the heavy rain like note, has revived the dry burnt cereal crop seedling. In order to thank these three female immortals, Qingjiang was small three arrived “which they lived cloud empty hole”. The end is auspicious, suddenly sees the portal greatly to open, a child Daoist novice draws out these three female immortals. The river is small three hurries goes forward to thank. Three female immortals tell him: “we originally are the Guiji person, the Tang Tianbao Dynasty, comes Mount Wuyi to study said, perches under the Tienchu peak, on first meets the emperor too grandmother on mother's side, gives by” Daoist art of alchemy to produce the pill of immortality “, receives her to direct, in trades in the bone crag cloud empty hole now repairs dries has finished, must leave Mount Wuyi”. Said, these three female immortals swiftly disappear. The latter countryman for commemorates these three female immortals, then will trade the crag bone summit these three megaliths to name will be “three paternal aunts stones”.

  Fellow friends, ask everybody to descend a mountain along with me. Now we saw this building is Wu Yigong. Wu Yigong also names meets immortal view, flushes blesses view, ten thousand years palace, is throughout the ages the king sacrificial offering Mr. Wu Yi's place, also is Song Dynasty nation one of six given names view paradises. According to “the Mount Wuyi Will” records: Wu Yigong the beginning constructs at the Tang Tianbao Dynasty (742-755 year), is a Mount Wuyi most ancient palace, up to now already some more than 1,000 years history. When Wu Yigong at the beginning of constructs, certainly not in now site, but is builds the room to in a nine tune islet in a river, calls the palace. Has guaranteed the great two years to the Southern Tang Dynasty (944 years), Yuan ancestor Li Jing refined language glory becomes a lay priest “for his/her younger brother Li Liangzuo the”, only then moves constructs now site, “meets the immortal to observe”. After meets immortal view to complete, all previous dynasties sincerely believe the feudal ruler, all does not hesitate to spend the large sum of money, the repair, expands the palace many times. The Song major and medium auspicious symbol two years (in 1009), remodelled the house to reach more than 300, the floor space amounts to several hundred Chinese acres. Song Shaosheng two years (in 1095), Song Zhezong issued an imperial decree the lunar month with thirty days palace, changed name “to flush estimates observes”. Southern Song Dynasty excellent poet Xin Qiji, poet Lu You, renowned Zhu Xi, Liu Zi and so on all once is appointed has flushed blesses view to raise lifts (is equal to present Mount Wuyi scenic area management meeting director a duty)。 Yuan Tai decided for five years (in 1328), had a new look for the palace, called “ten thousand years palace”. The bright legitimate four years (in 1439), view destroyed to the soldier. Day along, (1457-1487 year), although pulls out the funds repair many times after the government authorities, all has not been able to restore the old look. The Jiajing four years (in 1525), view suffered a fire burns, next year will repair. To end of the Qing, also Canada leads repairs, namely for Wu Yigong. Age glorious Wu Yigong, although all previous dynasties all once performed the repair, but could not stand up to several times the fire to burn with the soldier, latter only left behind the next several vacant room and the dilapidated building. At the end of the 80's, in under department concerned's support, Wu Yigong rehave repaired. After repair Wu Yigong, already warded off for the Zhu Xi memorial hall. In the hall mainly displays Zhu Xi and minzhong school renowned character Cai Yuan decides, swims nine words, Liu Lun, Huang Gan, really life story and so on German Xiu. On the front door inscribed horizontal tablet “the Zhu Xi memorial hall” these five striking large brush-written Chinese characters, are original National People's Congress Vice Committee Chief Comrade Fang Yi inspect the treasured painting which Mount Wuyi enters stays behind. In the garden these two cassia trees, hand down are Zhu Xi personally plant, had 8900 the year old age.

  Fellow friends, Wu Yigong the scenic area tour reaches this point the conclusion. The next station day swims the peak scenic area.





  請大家來看,在三清殿前有石碑組,最高的是劉男性。它使底高3.7米,寬1.45米,原本五站鎮劉資竽丈夫在通往一個五月墓,路徑,為1981年動議,三清殿內斂。在1985年為十月列為省級重點文物保護單位。劉男宋深刻的學者劉資吁家庭背景和生活的故事。劉資妤,五太太,崇安,討論醫生該官員有權王朝,江蘇鎮江,無論什么時間,因為激怒了秦檜中,有義務住在家里。他是朱熹的朱松的好朋友的父親。朱松去世,年僅14朱熹風,聽從父親的意愿,所推出的女性全家去劉資娛。劉資妤關于為子的侄子等待,精心指導,終于使朱熹成為一代深刻的學者。為了報答劉資羽培育恩,朱同在一個人的眼淚璽說聞逼嗯寫這個,共有3725個字符的刻文。于:“宋估莜王朝醫生討論你Gedai足夠微系統贈幾傅劉男”,是南宋尚書人員開放式的書板。左邊這個石碑,是明代以前所有在一萬年的140個字符龔清楚:“你武義記錄”的七言詩最高進士。右側石碑是哪一年崇安縣期間縣長劉Jingti清代寫了“神仙居住的地方的佛教”,并在1962年現代文豪郭沫若視察武夷山時,以書面形式“九曲調清流繞表示吳儀,從朱熹藍色的生活顧湘新鮮的直徑,方主蔓山Lvman小溪。6633懷疑一個語言,懸崖溝壑競爭的不朽姿勢。洶涌的波浪輕筏酒器的羽毛,不能刻一首詩也可以寫”。 “你武夷泛舟九調”的石碑。十月,1985年又關切部門成立“后的三清殿中心大廳中和美國武夷山蘭亭學院”(改變武夷山國際蘭亭學院),招收了來自世界各地來數百名學生。在其中所教授,構建了科學家,=電影指示,記者,心理學家等,一方面,那張另一方面,在武夷山觀光旅游,研究中華民族的傳統文化,深受外國學生的歡迎。

  葉三清殿,導致幾百米的路,前面這個純如玉徐霞客投白,1996年是武夷山市為紀念明代著名旅行家徐霞客進入福建,在第一次視察武夷山380周年建設。 1616年,剛剛跨入徐霞客,頭部穿著母親親手縫制飄蕩冠西(現為江陰)從家鄉江蘇省江陰縣出發,對浙江放,過江,第一次踏上進入福建困難的道路,進行了武夷山三天之久的視察。在中心這短短的三天時間,他幾乎踏上武夷山的山,河,寫下了不朽的代表作“游武夷山日記”,正是記錄了吳儀36峰,99崖安排和九個來源流向,記錄了峰巒和小溪深潭洞穴的位置,出色地描述了神美麗的武夷山水大廳。

  徐霞客的背后施放此山峰是大大汪豐。現在,我們進入“沿著”徐霞客單出牌坊開始向上攀登。大力汪鋒,又名Tienchu峰,巖因山形如政府官員,獨自國王的尊嚴而得名。在軍事36個山峰,對有“的不朽溝壑國王的名義”。該汪楓海拔五百二十六點八米,四面有很大陡峭,攀登難,是武夷山直徑大三分之一的危險。 When同年徐霞客登上大大汪鋒,日已西薄,下降了山尋路不有,competed“,以手掛刺,隨機關系但根據”,幾乎埋忠誠的綠色山丘骨。現在登高峰的道路改造后,已是令人震驚,但并不危險。


  請大家看我的手指方向沿,北橫傾大大汪峰,其麓相連,高不及大大汪峰的山峰是這幕亭高峰。登帽峰亭的路徑有兩個,一個是漲大大汪峰附近的真正的洞來了,一按行業是右側骨巖是直上。幕峰亭,地勢平坦,一些巨石一塊,好像有兩個香鼎,被稱為“不朽的世界盛宴”。據宋珠睦“武夷山志”載:秦始皇二年八月十五日,吳儀先生和皇帝太母親的身邊祖母,高偉王子提高對古代人,所以在幕張亭峰, Manwei涼亭,房間之間的關系,大盛宴同胞幾百色彩,響應一個電話打進來的男性和女性2000余人跟隨另一個虹橋一后,到山頂,窗簾館,房間里有顏色傳播紅色云,紫光床墊,金色空間被稠密,音樂聲一起,唱歌聲共振,是不人道的食物全部擁有了會議。 Song施膨凌兆高唱的“世界是可能的,悲傷的調”。一旦停止,隨著歌聲,空氣中隱約傳輸玉墜車和馬的聲音。神仙都消失了,一個下降的同胞與它一起山。突然之間的風暴是幸運橋,高峰立即空無一物,只剩崖丹玉像以前綠墻。即“館名的窗簾”來源于此。帷幕館刻樂避高峰“的帷幕亭”二字,為四大方丈明吳私薛書。石刻下方有一個巨石,是不太一樣直立,大約可坐數十人,被命名為“棋盤石”。同年傳世漢武帝派遣使者來武夷山,是祀先生吳儀在這里干魚,因此被稱為“中國為世界提供了犧牲。”